The New Job!

So then I’ve finished my first week at the new job in Sweden, I’d say I had fun 😁. It’s been so long since I had a trailer after the truck I’m driving so remembering how to reverse with it was interesting to say the least, Also remembering that the trailer cuts across in junctions and roundabouts.

Too bad I ended up driving Volvo again, I want a Scania 🤣

But overall it came back pretty quickly and the route I’m driving started going better everyday, I was so nervous when I embarked on this route the first time since I only got a crash-course in what all the buttons in the truck do and where to load up and unload, then it was just to head out all alone 😂. My boss and the colleagues I’ve had contact with seem like decent people 😊.

My shift ended early on friday morning, The weekend has consisted of hockey WC, good friends and good food.

Rib meat burgers basted with garlic grilloil in brioche buns 😋

Today I’ve just been taking care about some stuff around the apartment like washing clothes, getting my printer to work again and I mowed the lawn for the first time since winter. In an hour or so I’ll start making my way to the ferry to start my second week😁.

Over & Out

P.S. I don’t know why but the webserver I’m renting is incredibly slow and uses outdated PHP, but I’ve paid for a year already so when 2020 comes around I’ll probably migrate to a new host.


Hi all.

So yesterday I resigned from my current company, after almost a year of searching jobs and pulling every string available to me it finally happened. it’s gonna sound cheesy but I’ve not been very comfortable in my job for the last years.

Only 4 more trips to Stockholm in this truck

Now it’s set up so I quit on the 30th April and have a few days off (Hopefully the same weekend as the world championship in men’s ice hockey 😂 ), At the beginning of May I get to start my new job in Sweden of all places.

Speaking of the hockey world championship (RANT WARNING), That final game between Finland and the USA in the women’s WC was so badly managed I don’t even know what. The decision on the “winning goal” was in no way justified, how can the goal be rejected but the opposition’s goalie gets a penalty? 🤔
There are two ways that could have played out:

  1. The goalie is penalised as it were, but then the goal should have been approved and the game over.
  2. The Finnish player is penalised for goalie interference and the goal is rejected.

But what actually happened was some kind of amalgamation between the two, seeing as they penalised the US goalie but also rejected the goal? Also, the IIHF representative almost literally said “shit happens, deal with it”.

She’s probably thinking the same thing as me,
“I haven’t seen such bad judges since the Sochi Olympics

All my heart goes out to the women’s “Leijonat” and hopefully we’ll get some decent judges next year.

In other news 😂, Last saturday I went to Sweden for my personal start of the airsoft season. It was tons of fun after having literally nothing to do all the long winter 😂, too bad I had to use the M4 instead of the AK because the battery for the AK didn’t hold a charge for more than 15 minutes (should have tested it a bit earlier than the day before…).

My gear hasn’t changed much since last year, but I’d really need to get a new chestrig

I also banged my knee straight into a rock, I don’t know exactly when it happened but I suspect that one time when I came up to our flag on a hill, saw one of my teammates coming towards me with his deadrag out and suddenly I saw an enemy player downhill aiming at me. I took a nosedive and crawled backwards a bit into a depression to get away from the enemy fire. I tried taking a few potshots at him, but alas there was two more in the vicinity. After the game when the muscles in my knee cooled down I started limping and limped all the way back home 😂, So lucky that I have an automatic gearbox in my car and yes I should be wearing kneepads and from now on I will, too bad they didn’t show up before yesterday 😐

Nice sunset a few minutes after departure from Grisslehamn

Over & Out

The Season Is Upon Us

👋 👋

So I’ve been kitting up for the upcoming season of Airsofting. It all started with a new gun, they had a “demo” tactical AK for sale at Wizeguy action shop in Uppsala. So I snagged that one and after that, it derailed 😂

I also got an actual magdump for my rig and some new magpouches because with the new gun I also got a 5-pack of 120 round midcap magasines and the magpouches I got with the rig was supposedly going to fit 2 AK mags each but they barely fit one.

I’m aiming for some weekend games maybe next weekend or the one after that. Before I go I’ll have to cut a new lens for the protector for the sight. the clear one was broken when it arrived and the yellow one doesn’t work for me.

As you can see in the background I’ve also bought a couple of Lego-sets. You can never be too old for Lego 😂 I wanted to buy some at christmas because I found a set with a truck pulling a trailer with a helicopter on it, but I didn’t buy it then and after that they didn’t have it in stock anymore, but lo and behold when I was in Uppsala to pick up the AK I found that exact set and I had to get it.

All the parts I ordered for S80 has also been installed except for the front springs since they delivered one spring that was correct and one that was just slightly too big. Right now it seems as they’re gonna send me a replacement on warranty. I also didn’t get any rear shocks even though I ordered them.

I was gonna post a proper picture of the S80 since I got it washed, but then I went driving on an infamous dirt road back home in Ostrobothnia aaaaaand now it’s brown instead of red. Well maybe later, I’d still need to give it a proper handwash and maybe even polish a bit.

Over & Out

P.S. I was thinking about getting a cheap actioncamera to strap to the gun or my helmet and record some gameplay. Sound off in the comments below if that’s something you’d like to see.

Just a quick one :)

So In Flames just released a new album and it’s sooo good, I’ve had it on repeat the last few days. So I reckoned I was gonna give ’em some free promotion :’D

Enjoy \m/

Now I have a dilemma tho, I can’t decide if I wanna go see them live at their own event “Borgholm Brinner” or go to “Rockfest” in Hyvinkää to see both them and alot of other amazing bands.

Drop a comment below with what you think I should do. (which also gives me a chance to test the comments on something else than spammers :’D)

Over & Out

What? Again!?!

Oh hello, I’ve swapped car again. I had a friend who wanted a 2.0T Volvo and offered a Volvo S80 2.4 as a trade-in. It started as a joke… I saw he was offering the S80 in exchange for a 2.0T and I jokingly asked him how much money he wants in between, well a few hours and 500€ later I was a proud owner of an S80. The only problem is that it’s automatic, But I really don’t mind and it’s a bit comfier in city traffic with an auto and it has cruise control which is a dream come true when I’m driving home to Ostrobothnia from Turku.

Yes all my vehicles grow a mustache

The week after the trade was spent in the garage, installing my extra headlights, swapping the stock stereo etc.
I also bought a set of alloy wheels and ordered new struts with mounting hardware, springs, brake pads and rotors. New summer tyres will also be coming soon. I just hope I’ll have time to fix all this… Yikes :‘D

What else has been going on?

Oh yeah, I ordered a Raspberry Pi waaay back at the beginning of January and it finally showed up! I was gonna use it as a musicbox for my car/truck so I would have my phone free but the software has some issues with the new Spotify API so all I could play from there was the latest releases in all genres. Then I tried installing Kodi on it to stream movies and series from my PC to my TV but the raspberry doesn’t have quite enough power for 1080p video. So now I’ve just got Raspbian installed on it to see what it can do, gonna try some coding and compiling and such on it.

Over & Out

P.S. About the Spotify “Recent Tracks” list, if you are on mobile it’s gonna show up at the bottom of the page and not in the right column. I totally forgot about mobile browsers since I almost always view my blog on the PC. That said the blog is best viewed in a desktop browser in my opinion.


Yesterday I finally got to wash my truck, it’s been difficult because we can only wash our truck on the outside by the garage and you can’t get it properly cleaned when it’s below zero. Also, we have a giant pile of snow in front of the door where the washing equipment is. But yesterday I got access to our partners’ washing facility and it came out so clean I don’t even know what.

So beautiful 😀

But of course, when I spend 3+ hours cleaning my truck it’s above zero the day after… I only loaded the cargo for tonight and filled the tank up and its already dirty, Oh well.

Today I also updated the blog a bit, if you check the right sidebar it now shows the five latest songs I’ve been listening to on Spotify and if I’m listening to Spotify when you visit the site it says “Now Playing…” below the top song. I’m gonna try to edit the widget a bit so it doesn’t show my Last.Fm username ’cause it turned out so weird, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a good name on Last.Fm :‘D

Over & Out

P.S. holy hell two posts with mere days between, this is weird.

Snow day

Here’s another one of my “elusive” posts, So today when I got home from work I actually felt motivated to do something. I went and bought a snow shovel and a full-size axe to deal with the bigger pieces of firewood.

I started with shovelling the terrace, not all of it though just so I have access to the coffee table and then making a path to the chopping block and digging it out.

Then I chopped some firewood and brought it inside in front of the stove for drying. I had been procrastinating making some firewood for waaaaay too long because now the cold weather has actually set in and I had like 17 C° indoors when I got home (BRR and thats with the air heat pump set at 22). At least I’ve got around 4 – 5 armfuls of wood ready for the stove inside now.

*some digging may be necessary*
Now it’s all warm and cozy inside again

I also had a few days off this weekend so I went to Ostrobothnia, took it easy and met a few friends that I haven’t seen in forever. On Saturday I, my two sisters and my sisters boyfriend went to Snowpark Parra for a bit of snowboarding, wow how I’ve missed the feeling of rushing down the slopes and I finally got to use the snowboard I bought like three years ago.

Over & Out

Happy New Year!

One post per month seems like my kinda style… Well let’s not dabble in irrelevant stuff. Not much has happened since last time, I got my competence updated in the end of November and also applied for a new driver card.

I worked my way through the finnish independence day all the way up to christmas, I always take a few days off over christmas to go home to friends and family in Ostrobothnia and this year was no different even though it seemed so at the beginning of December.

Work has been very demanding during december, there’s major changes going on in my part of the company and as we speak I’m on my way to Sweden to get ready for new tasks after new years.

Not much else going on, feels weird to not work during new years for the first time in three years! I’ve always been delivering professional fireworks for new years eve, last year I delivered the finland 100 years celebration fireworks to Helsinki. I’m gonna drop the video down below if I can find it.

For some reason this is broken, I can’t get the width to fit the page…

Over & Out

Why is it so…

So I’ve run into a massive motivational trench and I have no idea how to get out of it. It probably reflects on this blog too seeing as I haven’t updated it in forever.

Well to be fair I haven’t done anything interesting the latest weeks. I took the last week off and went home to Ostrobothnia for the first time since june. So I met up with a few friends and mostly took it easy.

Saturday me and my cousin took a night out at the local nightclub aaaaand no… Just no. To be honest we met a few people we know and I’d say I had fun but I would rather have stayed home infront of the computer. Kinda feel bad for dragging my cousin out.

Over and Out

The Beauty Of Autumn

Today we finally got around to stocking up on firewood for the winter, bought about a cubic meter from my colleague. I don’t think we’ll last all winter on it but he lives nearby and after today I have everything I need to get more.

When we got home I started stacking it for drying and chopping up the biggest pieces, While my cousin went inside and cooked up some homemade schnitzel.

After dinner I chopped up the last few pieces that I put aside and brought a bundle inside. Then I gave my cousin a ride to work and now I’m just sitting here watching a bit of youtube.

Yesterday we had some TLC to do on our truck and then I streamed a bit of PUBG and DotA 2.

Over And Out