Just a quick one :)

So In Flames just released a new album and it’s sooo good, I’ve had it on repeat the last few days. So I reckoned I was gonna give ’em some free promotion :’D

Enjoy \m/

Now I have a dilemma tho, I can’t decide if I wanna go see them live at their own event “Borgholm Brinner” or go to “Rockfest” in Hyvinkää to see both them and alot of other amazing bands.

Drop a comment below with what you think I should do. (which also gives me a chance to test the comments on something else than spammers :’D)

Over & Out

It’s been too long

Hey everyone, Long time no see!

I’ve had a bit much on my plate lately, stuff like new apartment, taking various courses so I can keep driving a truck, been moving around in the company(I got my own office now!) and we’ve had a HUGE moving job that we finished this friday.

So yeah, the new apartment is coming along. Me and Hana have been moving stuff over this weekend and will keep doing so throughout next week. I also setup my streaming account on twitch today so I’ll be streaming any day now, only problem is the new apartment only has a copper phone line for internet-connection and that wont be enough to stream…
But I talked to the the owner and she will be looking into getting fiber to the apartment so hopefully I’ll be up and running soon.

In other news I’ve been taking courses, Like Emergency First Aid and Work-Safety, Next week I’ll be on the ADR(Transport of dangerous goods) course for atleast two days. The reason is because in Finland we have to take competence courses if we want to work in logistics and when we get the competence approved its valid for five years, During those five years we have to take five courses to renew the competence. After ADR I only have one more course to go and then I’m OK for another five years.

Oh yeah, I also got the pics of the Passat for you.







Over and Out

Kind of a Dead Weekend

Not much happened this weekend even though I almost promised to stream something. Started playing Diablo 3 Season 13 on Saturday evening and that’s about it.

They called from work on Saturday too, one employee was still sick so I took his shift between Sunday – Monday. Did atleast get a few more Paragon levels in the cabin of the truck.

Also the Renault started boiling on my way to work yesterday, so that might be it.

Didn’t get any pictures of the Passat last week, it was always raining and I want to wash it before atleast.

So all in all nothing I planned happened.

Over and Out,

P.S. Atleast one good thing happened, me and Hana went looking for a new apartment on Friday and we decided on one, so we will be moving within a month.

Oh Crap…

Well I’m bad at this.

Anyways just before easter me and my better half went to pick up a new car! My old Renault is giving up the ghost and it was time to get something bigger anyway, So now Hana is a proud owner of a VW Passat 1.8t(Even though I’m daily driving it, Hella fun car) and the Renault will be used as secondary when we need two cars until it totally breaks down.

During easter i had a friend from Finland over for a “LAN-Party”, we were supposed to be more people but the other two pulled out the day before. So we played some games, had some beers and whisky and talked about old times(and new!). I was thinking about streaming while gaming but we mostly spoke swedish and my friends aren’t keen on speaking english if they dont have to.

I’m gonna try and snap some pictures of the new car sometime this week and tell you a bit about it, maybe I’ll throw in some pictures of the old Renault too.

Some streams might be upcoming in the weekend at twitch.tv/urbanwesterback. There will probably be some GTA V, Killing Floor 2 and Euro Truck simulator 2.

Over and Out,