It’s been too long

Hey everyone, Long time no see!

I’ve had a bit much on my plate lately, stuff like new apartment, taking various courses so I can keep driving a truck, been moving around in the company(I got my own office now!) and we’ve had a HUGE moving job that we finished this friday.

So yeah, the new apartment is coming along. Me and Hana have been moving stuff over this weekend and will keep doing so throughout next week. I also setup my streaming account on twitch today so I’ll be streaming any day now, only problem is the new apartment only has a copper phone line for internet-connection and that wont be enough to stream…
But I talked to the the owner and she will be looking into getting fiber to the apartment so hopefully I’ll be up and running soon.

In other news I’ve been taking courses, Like Emergency First Aid and Work-Safety, Next week I’ll be on the ADR(Transport of dangerous goods) course for atleast two days. The reason is because in Finland we have to take competence courses if we want to work in logistics and when we get the competence approved its valid for five years, During those five years we have to take five courses to renew the competence. After ADR I only have one more course to go and then I’m OK for another five years.

Oh yeah, I also got the pics of the Passat for you.







Over and Out