First Time Airsofting!


So I went airsofting for the first time today, Had to get up early to catch the boat over to Sweden. We warmed up with a Team Deathmatch with instant respawn and then played two games รก 45 minutes of what they called Clocks.

The way Clocks works is similar to Conquest in Battlefield, We used three chess clocks to mark the time each team had held the three objectives.

Unfortunatley I had to cut the last game a bit short because it started drizzling and my goggles fogged up instantly.

Overall I’d say it went pretty well, I felt like I got the gist of it and maybe I died a few times too much, but in my defense they had two professional teams on-site today.

Me in my noobie gear during my first ever airsoftgame

Over and Out