The New Job!

So then I’ve finished my first week at the new job in Sweden, I’d say I had fun 😁. It’s been so long since I had a trailer after the truck I’m driving so remembering how to reverse with it was interesting to say the least, Also remembering that the trailer cuts across in junctions and roundabouts.

Too bad I ended up driving Volvo again, I want a Scania 🤣

But overall it came back pretty quickly and the route I’m driving started going better everyday, I was so nervous when I embarked on this route the first time since I only got a crash-course in what all the buttons in the truck do and where to load up and unload, then it was just to head out all alone 😂. My boss and the colleagues I’ve had contact with seem like decent people 😊.

My shift ended early on friday morning, The weekend has consisted of hockey WC, good friends and good food.

Rib meat burgers basted with garlic grilloil in brioche buns 😋

Today I’ve just been taking care about some stuff around the apartment like washing clothes, getting my printer to work again and I mowed the lawn for the first time since winter. In an hour or so I’ll start making my way to the ferry to start my second week😁.

Over & Out

P.S. I don’t know why but the webserver I’m renting is incredibly slow and uses outdated PHP, but I’ve paid for a year already so when 2020 comes around I’ll probably migrate to a new host.