Happy New Year!

One post per month seems like my kinda style… Well let’s not dabble in irrelevant stuff. Not much has happened since last time, I got my competence updated in the end of November and also applied for a new driver card.

I worked my way through the finnish independence day all the way up to christmas, I always take a few days off over christmas to go home to friends and family in Ostrobothnia and this year was no different even though it seemed so at the beginning of December.

Work has been very demanding during december, there’s major changes going on in my part of the company and as we speak I’m on my way to Sweden to get ready for new tasks after new years.

Not much else going on, feels weird to not work during new years for the first time in three years! I’ve always been delivering professional fireworks for new years eve, last year I delivered the finland 100 years celebration fireworks to Helsinki. I’m gonna drop the video down below if I can find it.

For some reason this is broken, I can’t get the width to fit the page…

Over & Out

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