Snow day

Here’s another one of my “elusive” posts, So today when I got home from work I actually felt motivated to do something. I went and bought a snow shovel and a full-size axe to deal with the bigger pieces of firewood.

I started with shovelling the terrace, not all of it though just so I have access to the coffee table and then making a path to the chopping block and digging it out.

Then I chopped some firewood and brought it inside in front of the stove for drying. I had been procrastinating making some firewood for waaaaay too long because now the cold weather has actually set in and I had like 17 C° indoors when I got home (BRR and thats with the air heat pump set at 22). At least I’ve got around 4 – 5 armfuls of wood ready for the stove inside now.

*some digging may be necessary*
Now it’s all warm and cozy inside again

I also had a few days off this weekend so I went to Ostrobothnia, took it easy and met a few friends that I haven’t seen in forever. On Saturday I, my two sisters and my sisters boyfriend went to Snowpark Parra for a bit of snowboarding, wow how I’ve missed the feeling of rushing down the slopes and I finally got to use the snowboard I bought like three years ago.

Over & Out

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