Yesterday I finally got to wash my truck, it’s been difficult because we can only wash our truck on the outside by the garage and you can’t get it properly cleaned when it’s below zero. Also, we have a giant pile of snow in front of the door where the washing equipment is. But yesterday I got access to our partners’ washing facility and it came out so clean I don’t even know what.

So beautiful 😀

But of course, when I spend 3+ hours cleaning my truck it’s above zero the day after… I only loaded the cargo for tonight and filled the tank up and its already dirty, Oh well.

Today I also updated the blog a bit, if you check the right sidebar it now shows the five latest songs I’ve been listening to on Spotify and if I’m listening to Spotify when you visit the site it says “Now Playing…” below the top song. I’m gonna try to edit the widget a bit so it doesn’t show my Last.Fm username ’cause it turned out so weird, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a good name on Last.Fm :‘D

Over & Out

P.S. holy hell two posts with mere days between, this is weird.

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