What? Again!?!

Oh hello, I’ve swapped car again. I had a friend who wanted a 2.0T Volvo and offered a Volvo S80 2.4 as a trade-in. It started as a joke… I saw he was offering the S80 in exchange for a 2.0T and I jokingly asked him how much money he wants in between, well a few hours and 500€ later I was a proud owner of an S80. The only problem is that it’s automatic, But I really don’t mind and it’s a bit comfier in city traffic with an auto and it has cruise control which is a dream come true when I’m driving home to Ostrobothnia from Turku.

Yes all my vehicles grow a mustache

The week after the trade was spent in the garage, installing my extra headlights, swapping the stock stereo etc.
I also bought a set of alloy wheels and ordered new struts with mounting hardware, springs, brake pads and rotors. New summer tyres will also be coming soon. I just hope I’ll have time to fix all this… Yikes :‘D

What else has been going on?

Oh yeah, I ordered a Raspberry Pi waaay back at the beginning of January and it finally showed up! I was gonna use it as a musicbox for my car/truck so I would have my phone free but the software has some issues with the new Spotify API so all I could play from there was the latest releases in all genres. Then I tried installing Kodi on it to stream movies and series from my PC to my TV but the raspberry doesn’t have quite enough power for 1080p video. So now I’ve just got Raspbian installed on it to see what it can do, gonna try some coding and compiling and such on it.

Over & Out

P.S. About the Spotify “Recent Tracks” list, if you are on mobile it’s gonna show up at the bottom of the page and not in the right column. I totally forgot about mobile browsers since I almost always view my blog on the PC. That said the blog is best viewed in a desktop browser in my opinion.